Meeting times:  monthly Saturday 2-4pm

Women are the mainstay and the backbone of families.  Society will be all the poorer without their tireless involvement and selfless acts in raising and nurturing those around them.

‘Daughters of the King’, is a book club for women of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life.

This unique ministry is birthed through the Holy Spirit’s inspiration to Pastor Ruby Thiagarajah who has a love of reading.  The principal focus is to connect and bring women together to read non-fiction Christian literature on relevant issues and topics, biographies and autobiographies for discussion and inspiration to live life to the fullest for God.

Daughters of the King warmly welcomes new members of both Christian and non-Christian backgrounds.

As part of discussions and meetings, we encourage women to share and pray about personal and general issues as well as develop a network of support and encouragement through God’s Word. This is cultivated in an environment of love, understanding and fun.

An essential aim of this ministry is to support women to develop self-esteem, awareness of personal worth and value, and to become instigators of establishing homes and families, worthy of the ‘King’.