Monthly Crossover Connect Group meetings

We consider young adults at the cross over point in their lives, to realising their identity, purpose and ambitions in life.  Our primary aim is to develop and encourage them to adopt an assertiveness of character based on commitment and consistency, and driven by a ‘can do’ attitude to achieve their God ordained purpose in all areas of their lives.

We cultivate an environment of biblical based teachings that is relevant and applicable in today’s life in an enjoyable and positive atmosphere.

The ultimate aim is to empower our young adults to not only face the challenges that life throws at them but know how to deal with these challenges. They learn to overcome them by applying time tested, time proven Godly principles and truths in these situations to experience good success.

The emphasis is placed on them becoming and living out lives as responsible and productive adults, and members of society by realising their full God given potential, to achieve their life’s goals and ambitions. We also pursue developing leadership qualities in this ministry, to enable our young adults to aspire to become prominent people of influence, in a diverse and connected society.