We are a Christian church

Christ is our foundation

We are a Word based church

A place where the Word comes alive

We are a Spirit filled church

We embrace the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit and we are people led by the Holy Spirit

We are an equipping church

We help people grow in Christ and achieve what God created them to be and do

We are a praying church

We are a group of people that comes together to give thanks to the Lord and bring our petitions before Him

We are a worshipping church

We are a body that honours God by worshipping the Great I Am in Spirit and in truth

We are a loving church

We love and care for people in a way that they feel accepted

We are a serving church

We are a body that comes together in Christ to serve one another, our community and the world at large

We are an evangelistic church

We are a body that reaches people near and far with the love of Christ so they can have eternal life through Christ Jesus

We are a relevant church

We are a body that presents a relevant and meaningful Christ to the society and brings to reality the historical Jesus

We are a multicultural church

We are a diverse church that includes different cultures and communities with different generational groups

We are an upward and onward looking church

We are a group of people that continually looks up to God for His guidance and strength and looks onward everyday to fulfil His will