Dr Rajan Thiagarajah

Dr Rajan Thiagarajah is the founder and Senior Pastor.

A convert to Christianity whilst studying in England, Dr Rajan devoted his life to Jesus Christ more than 30 years ago. He exemplifies the role of a servant leader, and has a passion to share the Gospel wherever he goes. He also has a deep commitment to mentoring Christians, to assist them discover the breadth and wealth of knowledge in the Word of God, for them to apply this in practical everyday living, as well as develop spiritual insight, about the Kingdom of God, and it’s King.

The power of and the gifts of the Holy Spirit are evident in his ministry, demonstrated in an Apostolic calling and strong expository teaching, of the Word of God. He is an anointed servant of the Lord, having fully submitted himself to the Holy Spirit’s tutelage, and passionately preaches and teaches the Word of God, which has the power to convict, heal, deliver, and bring people to repentance, and embrace a new way of livingin Jesus Christ.

Dr Rajan is a dynamic and well researched speaker and author, who travels widely, ministering at many conferences and churches throughout the world. His weekly radio programme and ‘Life in the Spirit’ television programme is broadcast globally, and is heard and seen by millions around the world.

Pastor Ruby Thiagarajah

A co-founder of the ministry, Pastor Ruby has been an unwavering and dedicated support to the ministry, having served alongside Dr Rajan since its inception.This single minded commitment to the ministry has been instrumental to its growth and establishment.

An individual who fervently embraces the power of prayer, she is passionate about the Gospel, its relevancy and application to Christian living, and shares preaching commitments in the Church when called upon.

Her responsibilities include the following:

  • Music Ministry
  • Children’s Church
  • Women’s Ministry
  • Church Administration.

She is a strong advocate for women to participate in Church activities, as well as encourages them to raise families devoted to God. She inspires women to take active roles in the Church, to assist in establishing and sharing the Gospel in their areas of influence, whether at home or in the workplace.

Pastor Ala Altraide

The Associate Pastorand a Church Elder in the ministry, Pastor Ala migrated to Australia from Nigeria. An Oil & Gas Engineer by profession, he worked in various parts of the world including Europe and India. This exposure to diverse cultures and populaces, led to him to developing a strong desire, to share the Gospel, and see its influence positively impact and change lives.

After spending some time working in Academia at a local University in Perth, he responded to the call of God in his life, and undertook a teaching degree, to both teach and mentor youth and young Christians, in the educational system. Pastor Ala teaches Physics and Maths at High School level.

He is a dedicated, loyal and a passionate servant of the Lord, and has been a mainstay in this ministry, always willing to assist in whatever capacity, whenever needed. He embodies a lifestyle, committed to others growing in Christ, and finding their identities in serving and worshiping God.

Pastor Ala is responsible for the Home Altar Groups and Church Prayer Ministry, and also shares in preaching engagements in the Church when needed. He has a love for Gospel music and is married with three adult children.

Pastor Marlon Fernando

An Assistant Pastor and Church Elder in the Ministry, Pastor Marlon is a finance professional who has dedicated his life to serving God. An inspiring and enthusiastic preacher of the Word of God, he shares the Gospel with spiritual insight and humour, wrought with encouragement. He is a role model who typifies a dedicated and loyal servant attitude.

Pastor Marlon is responsible for the Evangelicalor ‘Fisherman’s Catch’ Ministry that is active in the local communities in the vicinity of Church, reaching out with the Gospel to both influence and encourage individuals and families to explore and adopt Christian living, as the way of life.

He also assists the Senior Pastor with general duties in the Church, as well as personally leads two Home Altar Groups in monthly sessions of teaching the Word of God and participating in Group prayers.

Pastor Marlon is married with one son, and shares preaching engagements in the Church, when required.